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"I really enjoyed being in this class directed by Pat and Charmaine. It was an excellent tool for my significant other and I to learn more about each other and ourselves. I highly recommend going through this process before engagement but it's never too late! Everyone can get something out of this." ~ Hanson J.

"This class has helped us to focus on the real issues that need to be discussed before marriage. It provides the perfect opportunity for breaking the ice for discussion of topics that may have been more difficult to approach otherwise. Thanks for the great experience." ~I.G.

"This class gave us a great framework to have conversations that are important to marriage. We feel we are entering the next stage of our relationship with eyes wide open." ~ D. H.

"Great class for reinforcing the most important fundamentals of marriage. We enjoyed the class and learning alongside other couples on the same path." ~ N. Choy

I have learned to walk closer with God through taking this pre-marriage class to understand more about His love." ~ M. Ong

This class helped me to distinguish the difference between "Hollywood Love" and "Real Love." It gave me a clear picture of what to expect in marriage and life. God did not promise that there would not be any storms or hardships, but that he would help us through them. ~ Peter C.

"I encourage anyone thinking of marriage to take this class. We spend 12+ years preparing for a career but many of the requisite skills for healthy relationships are never taught. This class armed me with helpful skills, tools, and ideas that will help me and my future marriage. Thanks!" ~ Tasha

"Charmaine and Pat shared valuable experiences that were relevant to recently married couples like us in a fun and supportive atmosphere." ~ Amy and Alex

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