Workshops and Cluster Classes

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A comprehensive relationship education program, we offer one day and weekend workshops as well as ongoing class sessions from January to April and again from August to November for couples in a committed relationship, engaged or recently married. 


Online and in-person options available


Cluster Classes start at $120 per person

Workshops $60 per person

Online couple assessments are encouraged for benchmark and goal setting purposes.

Please email or use the online sign-up form to indicate interest.

Sign up in advance as space is limited. Online payment available. Please contact facilitators for financial hardships.   

Online Relationship Assessments  

Pat and Charmaine Williams are both trained facilitators for:



In taking either assessment participants receive a computer generated code and answer various online questions individually. The data is compiled to create a personalized report highlighting the strengths and growth areas for the couple. This confidential information is then utilized by the facilitator and couple to strategically target crucial relational topics while achieving specific agreed upon goals and objectives.  

Contact Pat and Charmaine Williams for this fee-based assessment service and follow up appointment used in conjunction with Marriage Fundamental classes or private coaching sessions.

Key Class Topics

  1. The Benefits of Marriage

  2. Gauging and Recognizing True Love

  3. Foundational Constructs for Marriage

  4. Understanding Marital Covenant

  5. Myths and Expectations

  6. Communication and Conflict Management

  7. Celebrating Differences — Unifying Your Family

  8. Roles in Marriage

  9. Emotional and Management Sides of Money

  10. Intimacy and Fulfilled Sexual Union