Christian Classes for Marital Preparation

Prepare Beyond Your Wedding Day for a Lifelong Marriage

When a man and woman find themselves getting serious about the possibility of marriage, we encourage them to gather as much information as they can about what to consider before they say "I Do". 

The Marriage Fundamentals class helps you think through important aspects of marriage and adjust your expectations accordingly.

The course is ideally for those in a committed relationship considering engagement or marriage. Additionally, those married under seven years seeking marriage enrichment classes are encouraged to attend. 

~Pat & Charmaine Williams, Course Facilitators

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Class Sessions

       Key Class Topics   Class Offerings and Cost
  1. The Benefits of Marriage
  2. Premarital Assessment Survey
  3. Gauging and Recognizing True Love
  4. Understanding Marital Covenant
  5. Myths and Expectations
  6. Communication and Conflict Management
  7. Celebrating Differences — Unifying Your Family
  8. Roles in Marriage
  9. Emotional and Management Sides of Money
  10. Intimacy and Fulfilled Sexual Union


Classes offered on Sunday afternoons typically gather from 2pm - 4pm excluding holiday weekends. One evening weekday class is planned for June 2020. 

Until further notice, all classes will be conducted through video conferencing.

A comprehensive premarital program, group sessions are currently offered from January to May and again from August to November. Get this education early in your decision making process!

The complete course session is comprised of 14 core classes split into two sections.

Section I covers the first five classesThe class fee for Section I is $70 per person including materials. Section I is required before taking Section II for all unmarried couples. Please email or use the online sign-up form to indicate interest.

Section II covers the remaining nine classes. The cost for Session II is $120 per person including materials.  

An online couple assessment should be done anytime prior to Section II. See the Services area for additional details. 

Sign up in advance as space is limited. Cash, checks, or online payment will be handled by the first class.  

Contact facilitators for financial hardships or further information concerning childcare options. 



Welcome to our marriage education classes online! Sign up for Section I evening class beginning Wednesday, June 10th - July 8th. Tentative summer/fall 2020 schedule for August and September is coming soon. Contact us for further details by clicking facilitators 

Please Note:  We are in the midst of updating our website. If you experience any issues signing up please contact facilitators

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Does your schedule or other challenges create difficulty in making classes? Need to accelerate the coverage of material? 

Visit the Services tab for year round private sessions available to individuals and couples most evenings and Saturdays.