Pat and Charmaine, married 28 years, have been assisting couples in the marriage realm for over twenty-five years. Their interest was prompted by an assessment they took during private premarital sessions at Santa Clara University followed by many months of discussion and preparation. Their ministry has served thousands of people and God's marital handiwork is seen throughout Silicon Valley  and beyond. 

Interest in facilitating marital education classes evolved after they got married and noticed that some of their friends were either seeking divorce, unhappy with their union, or just had some fears of “tying the knot.”

They believe that marriage is a covenant instituted by God to model family (Genesis
2:21-25) and to emulate the great love that Christ has for His church (Ephesians 5:21-33). God's gift of matrimony is experienced as couples accept and portray the principles of biblical wisdom in their relationships.

Witnessed in both sets of their parents each married over 50 years, Pat and Charmaine are extremely grateful for their parental role models. Blessed to be the parents of four beautiful daughters, they pray for the continuation of God’s favor and legacy through their children and look to the Lord for wisdom in helping other couples sustain or establish their family legacy. 
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